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July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida
Stories of Friendship

Beyond the struggle between good and evil, the Harry Potter book series is about friendships. For many of us the value of the bonds we have formed through fandom is immeasurable. As part of Infinitus, we want you to share your story of that special friend you’ve met through fandom. In the space provided by one 8 ½” x 11” piece of paper tell us the story of how you and this special person met through Harry Potter and how this person has changed your life (for the better, no flaming please!)

Submissions will be posted in the common room for all attendees to read at Infinitus in July 2010.

Submissions must meet the following requirements in order to be posted for public viewing:

All the information must fit onto one 8 ½” x 11” piece of paper. If the two friends both send in a story, please let us know and we will place these two submissions side-by-side for display.
Submissions can include art, pictures, text, and memorabilia. Get creative!
Please do not include attach original, irreplaceable items. We will not be able to guarantee all items will remain attached to your submission, as these will be posted in the common room at the conference.
Do not attach any item weighing more than 1 ounce. Submissions should be mostly flat pieces of paper with a no higher weight than 80 lb card stock. If the submission is too heavy we will not be able to hang it.
Submissions will be attached to bulletin board-like backdrops with pins. Please keep this in mind when creating your piece,
Submissions containing items or stories that cannot be publicly viewed by children age 14 or older will not be posted. Please keep your images and words rated PG.
Deadline for submission is July 11, 2010. If the submission is not received on or before July 11th we cannot guarantee it will be included in the common room at the conference.
You can bring submissions with you to the conference but we cannot guarantee there will be space available.
All submissions are accepted on first come, first serve policy. With the exception of any lewd materials or content that does not meet the specified size and weight, all submissions will be posted in a public space for public viewing.
Submissions will not be returned. You may pick up your submission at the end of the conference if you want to keep it.

Please mail submissions to:

Infinitus Friendship Stories
c/o Michelle Gardner
P. O. Box 951116
Lake Mary, PO 32795-1116
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