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Vendor & Exhibition Opportunities




I have a business and would like to sell my products at Infinitus

Booth space in the Infinitus Vendor Room is now available, and the cost of a vendor booth is $500 until July 1, 2010! Table space can also be purchased for $200. Please email vendors@infinitus2010.org for information on selling your wares.

A vendor booth registration includes two vendor badges, which allows each holder to access the Vendor Room, Art Gallery, Cinematic Alley, the Fandom Craft Faire and pickup Quidditch matches, participate in the formal and informal programming at the Hotel, and attend the Ball. If you are a crafter, artist, writer, or musician, you may also be eligible to participate in our  Weighing of the Wandscraft fair. Craft Fair sellers must have annual income from sale of such wares that is under $5000. Craft Fair sellers agree not to sell wares elsewhere at the conference, but may discuss/hand out printed material throughout Infinitus, and further agree to sell only works that do not infringe on other’s Intellectual Property rights. More details are coming so keep checking the Infinitus website.


I am an artist and would like to show and/or sell my art at INFINITUS.

We now have a Call for Art out for our Art Gallery. Submissions may include the following: fandom, whimsical, fantasy, 2D and 3D pieces, sculpture, photographic, multimedia, textile creations, and arts and crafts; table-space will be available for three dimensional works. Transformative works are permitted; we reserve the right to reject any art submission that, upon our review of the artist’s submitted image, violates copyright and/or trademark law.


Vendor Agreement


Vendor Room Agreement

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