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Do you talk about Infinitus all the time? Have you been promoting it on your site, your wrock mailing list, your community or at your local meet-up? Are you good at convincing your friends to come with you? Then get rewarded for it!


Everytime someone registers for Infinitus they have the option of telling us who referred them. If they have already registered, all they need to do is sign into their registration and select "modify" and add you as the referrer.  You need to have your registration confirmation number when going to the registration page.


For every 50 referrals resulting in either a one-day registration or full/Merlin's Circle registration*, the referrer qualifies for a press pass! Details about press passes will be posted here soon. If a site has already been provided press passes, any press passes awarded pursuant to the Infinitus Referral Rewards Program will be in addition to said press passes.

For every 75 referrals resulting in a full or Merlin's Circle registration only, the site qualifies
either for a paid basic registration or one complimentary night at a hotel of our choice at one of the three Loews hotels at Universal Studios Orlando.


These cannot be combined. So if you have 70 referrals, you can only qualify for a press pass. If you have 80 referrals, you qualify for either a press pass or a registration or a hotel night, but not both a press pass and a hotel night and not both a press pass and a registration. If you have 150 referrals, you can either get 3 press passes or 2 nights of hotel or 2 registrations (or 1 registration and 1 night of hotel).


Referral rewards will be tabulated based on registrations as of noon Eastern Daylight Time on June 3, 2010; no modifications to individuals' referrals can be made after that date.


If you have questions, please contact our Public Relations chair, Aziza Aba Butain at pr@infinitus2010.org.


Thanks, and refer away!


Don’t forget to friend us, follow us & join us!

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