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July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida

8 Lessons from Harry Potter on the Law of Wisdom
Julie Gabrielli

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” is not only a great Quest tale; it's also a dramatization of the Law of Wisdom in action. Harry is given by Professor Dumbledore the task of hunting and destroying the Horcuxes, which - if he is successful - will bring down Lord Voldemort and restore the wizarding world to peace and harmony. Only Harry, and he alone, is suited to the job. It is, in effect, his Life Purpose.
And he struggles with it: he is torn between trust in his mission and the many questions he has about it. Why didn't Dumbledore spell it out for him more clearly? Why is there no grand plan, no set of instructions to follow, step by step, to achieve his goal? How is he expected to lead others into danger, if he doesn't even know what's next?
Does any of this sound familiar? It's called “life.” When we are truly in our Life Purpose, we act a great deal on trust. It's like driving at night: we have a general idea of where we're going, yet the headlights only illuminate a short bit of road ahead. So, we keep driving, and more is continually revealed as we go. That doesn't guarantee we might not meet challenges. Maybe a deer will bound across the road. Maybe we'll take a wrong turn or run out of gas. But we can trust that those headlights are showing us as much as we need to know for now.
Those familiar with Potter's story will recognize that he acts frequently on impulse. He is decisive and quick, very important qualities. Not only does his decisiveness save his skin - and that of his friends - on many occasions, it also is perfectly aligned with the Law of Wisdom.

The 8 Lessons of the Law of Wisdom are:
Wisdom is present at every moment;         
Wisdom speaks through everything;       
Wisdom is meant for the moment, not forever;    
Wisdom will only ask you to do what's possible;
Wisdom is grounded in love not fear;   
Wisdom meets you where you are, even if you are in fear;     
Wisdom knows the fastest way to your success, despite appearances; and
Wisdom transforms and empowers everyone it touches, despite appearances.
This presentation goes through each lesson, illustrating it with vivid examples from “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” and inviting participants to take the meanings deeper into their own lives. The workshop version engages participants into more experiential learning and discussion of a selection of the lessons.

Julie E. Gabrielli is an award-winning architect who was instrumental in starting the sustainable design movement in Baltimore over ten years ago. She has worked with many clients to help them realize their dreams, from concept to construction. As an advisor to the 2007 Solar Decathlon, she helped steer team LEAFHouse to be the top-placing American team, a second-place-overall finish.

Julie's expertise is as an industry-changer. She has worked with clients to develop sustainability initiatives and Climate Action Plans. She now works with business owners to take their business in a green direction, starting with clear framework and vision, identifying new markets, crafting a green brand and message, developing new products, assessing and reducing their footprint, and giving back. She frequently shares her upbeat message on her blog, GOforChange.com, and as an inspiring public speaker.
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