HPEF presents Infinitus 2010, a Harry Potter conference            TEXT  MENU

July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida
Welcome to the Infinitus Common Room where all houses are welcome!

The Common Room is a place to meet your friends, play a game or just have a rest. Want to Dance like a Veela or learn more about the Wizarding World, that’s here too. It’s about finding a relaxing place to socialize and providing a casual learning experience. Several meetup groups will be using the space and you too can gather with your friends in the Common Room. Information, friends, and fun are all waiting for you in the Common Room!  
 (note: times subject to change)
The Common Room
10:00 AM
Quidditch Fans and Players
11:00 AM
Hufflepuff Meetup
12:00 PM
Deatheater Discussion Session
3:00 PM
Maurader Meetup
4:00 PM
Meet Beedle the Bard
5:00 PM
Ravenclaw Meetup
6:00 PM
Slytherin Meetup
7:00 PM
Tony’s Sorting Hat
9:30-10 AM
Veela practice
10:00 AM
iPhone dueling
11:00 AM
Tony’s Sorting hat
12:00 PM
Rebuilding the Wizarding World
1:30 PM
Wizarding Fashion Show
2:00 PM
Wrockin’ Out
4:30 PM
Gryffindor Meetup
8:00 PM
Phoenix Dance
10-11 AM
Muggle Magic
11-12 PM
Veela Dancing
12-1:15 PM
Rebuilding the Wizarding World
1:30-2:15 PM
Wizarding Fashion Show
2:30-4:30 PM