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July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida

We Are Magic: The Construction of Community in Wizard Rock
Jennifer Terrell

This presentation will explore the ways in which the wizard rock community is created through various means. Wizard rock is a community that blurs the boundaries between the online and the offline. In addition, participants use several different types of social media to access and participate within the community. Borrowing themes of transmediated storytelling and convergence from Dr. Henry Jenkins, the presenter will argue that wizard rock is an interesting example of transmediated sociality. Because wizard rock occupies both the online and the offline realm and exists over several different forms of media, it represents a type of sociality that while not entirely new, could not exist in the way that it does before the development of Internet technologies. The presentation will explore the ways in which these technologies may have shaped wizard rock as well as the ways wizard rockers shape the use of these technologies.

*”We Are Magic” is borrowed, with permission, from Stephanie Anderson

Jennifer Terrell has been involved in the Harry Potter fandom since 2004. She found wizard rock through co-hosting the AlleyCast Podcast and quickly began critically studying the phenomenon. With an undergraduate degree in anthropology, Jennifer now attends Indiana University in pursuit of her PhD in social informatics, where she is able to combine her love of studying people, technology, and wizard rock.

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