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July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida

The Sociology of Harry Potter: Gender Issues in Early Childhood Socialization
Meredith Railton

Because Harry Potter is often placed in the children's sections of bookstores, it is important to consider the impact this series has on young children when it comes to early childhood socialization in relation to gender issues. Whereas the majority of children's books are geared specifically towards one gender or the other and promote and enforce gender stereotypes, the Harry Potter series does an excellent job in not only appealing to both genders aesthetically but promoting gender equality in subject matter. Due to J.K. Rowling's portrayal of both strong males and females, the Harry Potter books present situations in which both genders are equal; one is never presented to be better than the other. In my presentation, I plan to present an informal paper (in lecture and PowerPoint form) in which I analyze how gender is portrayed in the Harry Potter series, as well as the impact these gender issues have on young (and older!) children in their ideas on gender in comparison to other children's literature.

Meredith 20 years old and a resident of Louisville, Kentucky, but is a New Yorker at heart. She is a junior at the University of Louisville and majoring in History with a minor in the Social Sciences in hopes of becoming a history teacher.  She is currently working as a writer at Accio-Potter.com, which is a pretty awesome site, so check it out. There are four things she truly hate in this world: wasps, my recurring nightmare about giant bears, when people clear their throats, and when people use religion as an excuse to not read Harry Potter. Also: go Yankees!
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