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July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida

 Our Own Rita Skeeter: Muggle Media Mishandles HP
Connie Neal

October 17, 2007, J.K. Rowling answered many interesting questions from the press at her Open Book Tour in Hollywood. However, a two-second slippage of her neckline caused the media to disregard the content to focus on the revealing of her bra rather than the revealing answers she gave. This talk features exclusive video clips filmed at the press conference of J.K. Rowling answering these questions:
1. Why did you want to present your book to school-children across the country?
2. After Harry, do you plan to write in another genre or other stories in the fantasy genre?
3. How is the encyclopedia coming along?
4. Why did you kill Dobby?
5. Which was the hardest book to write?
6. Is Dumbledore’s eternal destiny like what Harry glimpsed at King’s Cross in Book 7?
7. What was most challenging thing about writing Harry Potter?
8. Could you comment on overt references to religion in Deathly Hallows, the role of religion in Harry Potter and how your religion influenced the books?
9. How did you pick the two Bible passages on tombstones in Book 7?
10. How did you handle criticism of your books by religious groups?

Connie Neal has a Bachelor of Arts in communication from Pepperdine University, and a Master's in education (Instructional Design for Online Learning) from Capella University. She is an adjunct professor of writing, William Jessup University (Fall 2010)
Connie Neal was the first Christian author to publicly challenge negative attacks against Harry Potter by some in the Christian community, defending Harry in the media and enduring the resultant backlash. She is author of What’s a Christian to do with Harry Potter? (2000); The Gospel according to Harry Potter: The Spiritual Journey of the World’s Greatest Seeker (2002, 2008); Wizards, Wardrobes, and Wookiees: Navigating Good and Evil in Harry Potter, Narnia, & Star Wars (2007) along with many other books and Bible projects. Neal’s books, in many languages, are widely cited in other books, doctoral dissertations, scholarly journals, magazines (including Newsweek & Christianity Today), and news outlets worldwide. Her books are used in university courses from Pepperdine to Yale. As a former researcher for the Committee on Media Accountability, Neal analyzes coverage of Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling; reporting for Christianity Today, she attended Rowling’s 2007 Open Book Tour press conference (& includes these video clips in one of her presentations). She raised her three children on Bible stories and Harry Potter and hosted a Harry Potter Book Club & Bible Study. She also conducted a week-long Harry Potter family camp for the Anglican Church in Canada, spent 12 years as a youth pastor, and is a seasoned public speaker. Her collection of articles related to Harry Potter / Christianity is available at http://www.connieneal.com/special-harry-potter-section.htm.
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