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July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida

Snape, Dumbledore, and the Power of Love and Choice  
Katy Herman

Snape, Dumbledore, and the Power of Love and Choice examines the roles that love and choice played throughout both of the characters' lives. Snape, although most people would consider him the "darker" of the two, was changed for the better by love, while Dumbledore (considered a "lighter" character) was changed for the worse by his infatuation with a dark wizard. The presentation will also look at the choices the characters made throughout their lives, like Dumbledore's choices to join or defeat Grindelwald and Snape's choices of loyalty, and how love played a role in them. We will discuss other ways that their passions for Lily and Grindelwald affected their lives as well. If Snape loved Lily so much, then why was he so hateful to her only son? Did Dumbledore go looking for any romantic relationships after Grindelwald? The love that Snape and Dumbledore felt for unattainable people started them on a search for redemption that haunted them until the day they died. The underlying point of the lecture is to show how the two forces that Albus Dumbledore told us were most powerful are evident throughout the series and the lives of two of the more significant adult characters.

Katy Herman is a 15 year old from Chicago, Illinois. She has loved Harry Potter since she read the first three pages of Sorcerer's Stone. She is proud to have her friends think of her as a Harry Potter nerd and considered attending Azkatraz 2009 a dream come true. She loves many parts of the fandom, from Wizard Rock to fan fiction. Her favorite ship is Remus/Tonks, but she also enjoys reading Marauder-Era slash. She is beyond excited to be at Infinitus 2010, and thinks it a testament to her loyalty that she will come to scorching-hot Florida in July.
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