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July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida

Potterwatch Productions: Getting Animated About FanFiction
Nick Uroseva  

In June 2008, an idea was conjured. An idea that would, at that time, incorporate the collaborative effort of a half-dozen hardcore Harry Potter fans and many, many more in the future. That summer Potterwatch Productions was born. We are a group that strives to bring something that has never before been seen in the Harry Potter fandom.

That summer we began laying the wickerwork for a true-to-cannon, cartoon fanfiction web-series that we strove to make just as immersive and story driven as J.K. Rowling's novels that inspire this project. We started by weaving a story set that begins five years after Harry Potter's triumphant victory over He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Our story holds true to t the events of the books as well as taking into account information provided by J.K.R. about the characters and the Wizarding World following the end of the series. We attempted to shape our story so it flows almost seamlessly from J.K.R.'s works, using unelaborated upon details within the framework of the existing story to create the illusion that J.K.R. foreshadows to events in our story, including appropriate cameos and references to make the story feel right at home in the Harry Potter Universe.

Our presentation at Infinitus will center mainly on the complex storyline we have created for this web-series. We will summarize our story and touch upon the key ideas that the story was formed around. We will also touch on the ties between our story and the canon of the books. We plan on spending a lot of time on character development, both pertaining to the abundant amount of original characters we have created in our story as well as the evolution and back story of the canon characters created by J.K.R. These discussions and explanations will be aided, in part, by multimedia outlets such as PowerPoint slides containing conceptual sketches and production stills, to video clips that demonstrate animation and also further explain the story.

Apart from the video clips we plan to show during the presentation, we plan on starting the presentation with the showing of the 1 minute and 44 second long teaser for the web series that is currently viewable at www.potterwatchproductions.com  and the Potterwatch Productions YouTube channel (PotterwatchProd). We then plan on concluding the presentation by premiering a never before seen full length trailer for the web-series.

Nick Uroseva is a 20 year-old Information Technology student in his second year at Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio. He first picked up a Harry Potter book in the sixth grade and instantly became a huge fan of the series and his love of all things Harry Potter has followed him to present day. The summer after graduating high school in 2008, Nick founded the group Potterwatch Productions with several friends. He planned on combining his love of Harry Potter with his creative talents of writing and art to create an animated fanfiction, even teaching himself how to use animation software and animation techniques without any prior experience. In addition to Potterwatch Productions, Nick is now the President of Room of Requirement, Youngstown State University's own student run Harry Potter Fan Organization.
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