HPEF presents Infinitus 2010, a Harry Potter conference            TEXT  MENU

July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida

The Naked Costumer: A Peek Underneath the Wizard Robes   
Rondah  Phelps, Laura Steffens, Perseus LePage, The Draco Malfoy

Join the panel and special guest speakers on this journey beyond the fabric, the mask, and the greasepaint to the soul of the costumer/cosplayer.
Some areas of discussion
- Do we pick our character to highlight or submerge our own personality?
- How much does our character influence our non-fan life? Has this influence changed since we began?

Rondah Phelps: Semi-retired technical writer who fears she may have to go back to work to afford her fabric and Harry Potter addiction. With a background in drama and dance, Rondah started out in cosplay doing vampire and medieval and Renaissance re-enactment.` She is a rabid Harry Potter fan and a co-organizer for the Houston Harry Potter Meetup Group, serving as head of Hufflepuff House. Her new obsession is Victorian mourning and steam punk.

Born on a full moon, Laura Steffens aka Stitchwitch13 or Madviolet13, was destined to be drawn to the magical and morbid. A geekgirl and avid bookworm, she is a true Ravenclaw. She earned an MA in Sociology, intending to teach, but her path led elsewhere after she found her true calling in web and graphic design. Her *real job* as a Web Administrator supports her Scifi/Fantasy cosplay, crafting, and shoe shopping habits. As proprietor of Mad Science Creations, a clothing design shop, wizard wear is her specialty. She and her boyfriend (who is very tolerant of her obsession with Potterverse) are pet parents of a spoiled Jack Russell terrier, Larry Potter. Infinitus will be her 5th Harry Potter con.

Perseus LePage, with His Draco, is well known in the Potterverse for Their Malfoy impersonation.  Perseus works in Biotechnology, rides horses whenever he can, is a classically trained actor, vocalist, and dancer, and has dabbled as a martial artist, weight trainer, and stuntman.  He fell into the Potterverse after being compared to the elder Malfoy so many times He decided to see what all the fuss was about. After finding Draco on an online Deatheater site, the legendary pair made their HPEF debut at LUMOS and they've been terrifying muggles with their Malfoy Magic ever since. Featured in many books and articles, they live in Malfoy Manor with their beloved cats and snakes. He also portrays the Vampire Lestat, Prince Nuada, and Haldir, and will be playing Lucius Malfoy in “The Final Battle”, as well as singing with countertenor Draco in a special concert.

Draco LePage (yes, it’s His real name), as a part of the infamous Malfoys, has been portraying the younger Malfoy with Perseus LePage - as Lucius - semi-professionally since coming over from England in 2006 and is very well known in the Potterverse. He is a trained hair stylist and make-up artist and has done professional modeling as well as having been featured in a number of books. He is studying classical ballet, voice (countertenor), and horseback riding, is a master calligrapher and an amateur herbalist and potions master. Apart from Draco Malfoy, He also impersonates the Anne Rice vampire Louis, Buffy's Spike and Michael Jackson.

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