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July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida

 A Muggle Family Experiences the Magic of Harry Potter
David, Toni and Courtney Gras

How can an average every-day muggle family go from disdaining the Potter book series (without reading it!) to becoming some of the most enthusiastic fans around? See what transformed this skeptical family to become Potter fans, web site reporters, fan trip photographers and e-mail correspondents, Quidditch captains, and literary lecturers!

This lecture/panel discussion, presented by dad David, mom Toni and daughter Courtney Gras will focus in on how Harry Potter literally changed their lives over a period of six years taking them thousands of miles from their home in Cleveland, Ohio to experience the excitement of Potterdom.

David J. Gras resides in Aurora, Ohio. He has been analyzing the Harry Potter series from a Christian apologetic perspective, as well as other fantasy literature, for over eight years . This was initiated when his then 12-year old daughter was being chastised by Christian friends for her fondness of the Harry Potter series. His goal is to educate on the Christian symbolism that is contained within the Potter book series. David has had the pleasure of traveling to the United Kingdom on several occasions to visit Harry Potter movie filming sites and has also assisted as a part-time staff for Beyond Boundaries Travel on their "HP Fan Trips." David is an area  speaker/presenter/teacher to various youth/parent groups in regard to Fantasy Literature and the Christian church.
Presenter: Spellbound 2005; Lumos 2006; Harry Potter Festival 2007; Portus 2008; "Searching for Platform 9-3/4 – an Academic Harry Potter Experience," Northern Illinois University 2008; Panel discussion/podcast with John Granger and Travis Prinzi, Azkatraz 2009.

Toni Gras resides with her husband, David, in Aurora, Ohio and came on board with David and Courtney as Potter “groupie”, enjoying those red carpet premiers the most! She works part-time for Beyond Boundaries Travel in helping HP Fan Trips come alive. She is also a reporter with Harry Potter Fan Zone and she can be seen at Potter conferences taking notes and photos (ala Rita Skeeter!) Toni is a computer instructor with Cleveland State University and also manages an ethnic dance company.

Courtney Gras has served as public relations for the Harry Potter Fan Zone web site and has served as videographer on the red carpet at Potter movie premiers. She has coordinated Quidditch games in local Potter events and has been interviewed many times by local, national and international t.v. and radio about her involvement with Potter. In her personal life she is a full-time college student at The University of Akron pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering and has won many awards in this field . She is our Hermoine!
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