HPEF presents Infinitus 2010, a Harry Potter conference            TEXT  MENU

July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida

Logging On to Hogwarts: The Ins and Outs of Role Playing Forums  
Manda Collis, Joree Cisneros  

Online role playing message boards have been a key part of the Harry Potter community for many years, taking fanfiction-style writing to a whole new level as players create characters to portray as they explore Harry's world first hand. This workshop, presented by the staff of a Harry Potter RPG that has been going strong for nearly ten years, will focus on what makes a successful game - from the structure of the forum and the story it focuses on to keeping the content fresh and exciting as the community gains staying power.

Attendees will be taught how to create the “ideal” forum-based game as well as learn the ins and outs of character building, community management, and more. The workshop focuses on the ideas and structure of role playing games, rather than the more technical aspects of code and software, so everyone from the eldest of veteran administrators to the newest of role players is invited to attend to gain a better understanding of the importance of role playing and literacy in the Harry Potter community and get an inside perspective on how to maintain a successful role playing game.

As a part of this workshop, we would also like to give participants a brief idea of why Role Playing is so important to the Harry Potter fandom and keeping it alive now that the series is complete, and long after the movies have made it onto DVD.

Manda and Joree are representing the staff of the popular Harry Potter role playing forum, Vault713.com, which has been alive and growing since 2001 and still attracting many new players every week. Manda, the administrator and founder of the game, is 22 years old and currently residing in North Carolina, where she is persuing a career in web design. Joree, an 18 year old site moderator and graphic artist, is currently studying art at the University of Minnesota. Vault 713 was founded in 2001 out of a group of less than 10 individual players and now boasts several hundred members and thousands of visitors each week.

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