HPEF presents Infinitus 2010, a Harry Potter conference            TEXT  MENU

July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida

We, the Jury, find the following characters… redeemed?  
Erynn Kerwin & Emily Bethke

Before the release of DH, Stephen King asked Rowling whether or not Draco Malfoy could be redeemed to which she replied that apart from Voldemort, everyone appears to be redeemable. Now we have read the end of the story and while redemption is a central theme of book 7, we're still not sure whether Draco or several other major and minor characters truly made remuneration for their crimes... so let's put it to the jury!

The following characters have been charged: Snape, The Malfoys, Duddly, Grindewald, Dumbledore, & Kreature.

Their supporters and enemies are allowed and encouraged to campaign prior to the trial!!
For each defendant, we will allow the prosecution and the defense 2 minutes apiece to give their argument. They will then leave the room while the jury has up to 10 minutes to deliberate then vote. I will moderate using Robert's rules to maintain order and time. We will then report our final verdicts to the conference

Erynn Kerwin wandered here from Colorado Springs where she is a co-captain/founder for the Colorado Quidditch League. Erynn aims to be a semi-professional fan of everything which catches her fancy including Harry Potter, dinosaurs, costumes, and trivial facts about the English Regency and surrounding periods. She is also the surviving co-founder of the magical fraternity Delta Epsilon Tau, Death Eaters of Tomorrow.

Emily “the Bloodthirsty Badger” Bethke is an adorable student of both magic and social work known mostly for her enthusiasm for HP Knitting and Cosplay.  Despite the nickname, she is loyal to the Ravenclaw coat of arms and loves to logically argue both sides of the issue. She is an amateur quidditch player and co-founder of the magical fraternity Delta Epsilon Tau, Death Eaters of Tomorrow. Emily and Erynn plotted their joint proposal out on paper almost immediately after finishing DH. Most suddenly and sadly, Emily passed beyond the veil last September. She left a powerful mark on those she loved.
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