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July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida

Improviso! - Spontaneous Playing in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter  
Ruben Cintron

Magical Harry Potter games that exercise your body and your imagination, through the art of improvisational theater! Improviso is a 1-2 hour long Harry Potter group workshop that includes games and exercises that stimulate the mind and body, through the use of improvisational theater and acting techniques in order to stir the imagination's infinite possibilities and invite an artful, joyful, role-play environment (created by the workshop's participants) based on the Harry Potter world.

Ruben Cintron is a professional theater actor and instructor, writer; studied theater at the University of West Alabama (Livingston), and media communications at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico; trained in improvisational theater at IOCUS School of the Arts in Puerto Rico, and drama at "Prima del Teatro", Scuola Europea per l'arte dell'attore (Pisa, Italia); former instructor and director of the Puertorican Selection of Amateur Actors of Improvisational Theater; currently living in Los Angeles, CA, and working in the online video game development industry as script and story content writer for ROSE Online. He met Harry Potter in 2000 with the release of Goblet of Fire, and has not let go of the magic ever since.

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