HPEF presents Infinitus 2010, a Harry Potter conference            TEXT  MENU

July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida

HP Slash before - and since - Dumbledore/Grindlewald
Amanuensis, Gwen, Saritza Hernandez (aka Madam Minnie), Emma Grant, Annie

A dozen years ago, when writers, artists and fans first noticed the slashability of the Harry Potter series, slash was considered very subversive and transgressive - but somewhere along the line, the world changed. JK Rowling noted that she had always thought of Dumbledore as gay, and the acceptance of gay rights grew around the world. But to some, slash remain a marginal and sometime belittled genre. What has changed? What remains the same? How have the real-world events shaped people's understanding of slash, and how writers and artists create?
Discussions of crossovers, AUs and shipping, fics that predicted Death Eater takeovers of Hogwarts, and whether the scene in the forest in DH makes Sirius/Remus canon will also be included.

Amanuensis (call her Amy, it's shorter) lives in the Eastern Time Zone. She began reading the Potter books right when Sorcerer's Stone got published, and got sucked into Harry Potter slash fanfiction when she went hunting for pictures of Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy. Smutty stories make her happy, and hanging out with like-minded fans to share them with makes her happiest of all.

Gwendolyn Grace has written HP fanfiction since 2000. She is a founding administrator of FictionAlley and has moderated the slash discussion boards in FictionAlley Park for nearly ten years. Gwen has multiple published slash, het, and gen fanfics rated PG through NC-17, including “His Majesty's Secret Service,” “Against Better Judgment,” the “Terrible Deeds” suite, “Kink-A-Day Calendar,” and the unfinished collaboration, “Between the Lines.” Since 2008, she has been a highly active writer and player in the Dreamwidth-based “HP Alternity” RPG. Outside fandom, she is a published author and editor of several short stories, including the three titles in the “Bad-Ass Faeries” series. (Her contribution to BAF3 is an action-romance involving two male protagonists.) An actor, singer, and songwriter, Gwen also holds a master's degree in management science, and has been on the Board of HPEF since 2003 (elected after running Nimbus - 2003). She also ran last year's Azkatraz in San Francisco.

Emma Grant is a mom, a math teacher, and a slash fan fiction writer.  She currently resides in Texas and wishes there were about 40 hours in a day so she would have time to write as prolifically as she did before becoming a mom.  Though she enjoys many ships, her heart will always belong to Harry/Draco.
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