HPEF presents Infinitus 2010, a Harry Potter conference            TEXT  MENU

July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida

 Harvey Putter Panel
Cast and Crew Members

The presentation will be about the making of the feature-length parody film HARVEY PUTTER AND THE RIDICULOUS PREMISE. Director Tim Richardson will moderate the discussions, which will cover writing the script, casting, art and costumes, filming, post-production FX and music, and marketing. Video clips, photos, and on-site samples of art and costumes will be included throughout the duration.
After the success of the award-winning film THE DORK OF THE RINGS, the filmmakers already knew their next fantasy target: Harry Potter. Tim Richardson, Michael Kouroubetes and James Pickens knew they would have fun spoofing the boy wizard, but little did they realize the incredible challenges. From deciding their hero’s personality, to plotlines, to combining elements from all the books, they spent over a year honing the script. They started the script before book seven had been published and relied on the MuggleNet book for ideas regarding the direction of the story.
Casting began with selecting veteran actors Bryce Cone and David Kiefer to play Harvey and Mumblemore. Open casting sessions were held and the cast was picked not only from Northern Indiana, but from Michigan, Florida, Nevada, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and Great Britain. Kiran Shah (LORD OF THE RINGS, CHRONICLES OF NARNA) joined from London to portray Dumpy the Houseschmuck.
An immense amount of art was created from props to costumes to elaborate set pieces. For the Snogwarts School the art team constructed movable walls which to become various rooms. Award-winning Costume Designer Janice Bennett oversaw the costumes for over 100 characters. Todd Davis made prosthetics for several characters, including Kiran Shah’s facial appliances, and Andrew Swisher built many creature puppets.
Post-production involves editing many hours of footage, adding computer-generated effects, and correcting audio. Composer Mark D’Errico and wizard rock bands will be creating the musical score. Marketing will include screenings worldwide at festivals and conventions including Infinitis, GenCon and Dragon*Con.T

Tim Richardson, Michael Kouroubetes, and James Pickens are an award-winning film team, and part of Richardson Productions LLC, which has produced numerous features, short films, and cable television programs. Actor Joe Scheibelhut has acted in many of these productions over the past 17 years, and Sunny Williams joined the cast when she discovered auditions on the internet. Emerson Spartz, webmaster of the world’s largest Harry Potter fansite MuggleNet.com, pokes fun at himself in his role during the film.
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