HPEF presents Infinitus 2010, a Harry Potter conference            TEXT  MENU

July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida

Keeping the Fandom Alive: How to keep the fans interested and engaged post-canon
Amanda Burke, Jonathon Rosenthal, Miranda Marshall, Stacy Pisani, Andrew Slack, MJ Harper

Three years post the closing of the canon, with yearly conferences moving toward bi-yearly conferences, and the last two films looming on the horizon, many people wonder where the fandom goes from here? Does it all just end? After Deathly Hallows II and LeakyCon 2011 do we all just put our robes away and move on? This panel will focused on the reasons why the fandom will not die out. We will discuss new events, groups and projects that will generate new buzz and new interest in the fandom. We will also talk about established groups and events that have kept fandom interest over the years. The panel will consists of members of the fan community that are actively working on keeping our fandom alive by running groups and websites, organizing events, or working on new and exciting fandom projects.

Topics that will be covered by the panel:
1. Existing meet up groups that continue to grow to enormous numbers (specifically, The Group That Shall Not Be Named).
2. New meet up groups that have formed in the past year (specifically, HP-MI and HP-MA).
3. The fandom's continued interest in Wizard Rock and Wizard Rock Events.
a. New York City Wizard Rock Festival
4. The Harry Potter Alliance and its continued growth and the fandoms interest in coming together as a community to make positive changes in the world.
5. The fandom's interest in new events and conference-like retreats, ie. the upcoming Hogwarts Prom 2011.
7. New fan projects such as the documentary Wizards Gone Wild.
8. Continued submissions and popularity of Harry Potter fanfiction.
9. Utilizing new technology and social networking: livestreams, twitter, facebook, etc, to keep the fans informed and involved.

Amanda Burke, creator/organizer of HP-MA and the upcoming Hogwarts Prom
Jonathon Rosenthal, corganizer of The Group that Shall Not Be Named
Stacy Pisani, lead singer of Swish & Flick and organizer of NYCWRF
Miranda Marshall, co-creator/organizer of HP-MI and co-director/producer of Wizards Gone Wild
Andrew Slack, creator and head of the HP Alliance.
Formal Programming