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July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida

Immaturity or Escape from Reality in Adulthood the Justification of Reading Young Adult Series as a Twenty-Something/Mother
Serade Black & Tatiana422

Are we too old to be reading the stories about coming of age teenagers? Where does it say that a thirty-one year old professional woman cannot buy a book where the general intended audience can't even vote, yet? Here we delve into the different interpretations of others' , age ranges beginning at 17 - 35 and beyond, and where they stand on the stories. Are the children of baby boomers part of a unique generation that fears reality and chooses to escape within the minds of teenagers? How old is too old when you stop making costumes depicting fictional characters you admire or somehow relate to a position they hold in society?

We would like to open up the possibilities of the potential Peter Pan Syndrome in fandom today and why we have adapted to our safe place at conventions and symposiums. How is it that fictional worlds find a way to weave themselves into everyday life from costume making and mass marketing to fan films and college classes to be a film major? Do we find ourselves resorting to secret meet ups and gatherings and telling your own parents that what you're going to is a work conference that commits your time in several different areas so your late night last minute sewing translates into working on “reports”?

The seed was planted in some way and we're curious to hear how that came about. Did a child express interest and you needed to read it first in order to approve the material? Did a family member give it as a present and you felt obligated to crack the spine, only to be roped in beyond belief? Were you a basher of a certain Vampire series that later, you saw the light only now to wonder why in your late twenties you suffer from teenage angst?

We wonder how in today's world that an average adult with a spouse and 2.5 kids should be a stay at home mother or completely career driven with their idea of fun to be bridge clubs and sports games. We differ from the generation before us and are often ridiculed for expressing our artistic imaginations. Where does it say there is a certain age that no longer allows our immature thinking? Are we just fond of a time that reminds us of a childhood we never had or have we just ceased to grow up?

Serade Black lives in Florida with her husband where she works for Delta Airlines and is the Marketing Director for the Sarasota Medieval Fair, where she is also a staged combat performer. She's currently working on finishing her degrees in Mass Communications and Film Production. This is her sixth symposium and is an avid Sirius/Hermione shipper. While at the cons with her best friend, Tatiana422, she cosplays Bellatrix and enjoys terrorizing mudbloods and drinking butterbeers. She's one of the directors for the Live Action Wizard Chessmatch and co-creator of the House of Black Productions Fan Films.

Tatiana422 currently lives in Sarasota, FL with her husband and daughter and works as an Administrator for a physical therapy clinic while going to school for Digital Design. She was introduced to the world of Harry Potter by her mother, shortly after the release of the fourth book and Infinitus will be her sixth HP conference. She cosplays Narcissa Malfoy and can be spotted with her sister and partner in crime, Serade Black (as Bellatrix) plotting evil deeds and sipping martinis. She is a co-director of the Live Action Wizard Chess Match, founding partner of House of Black Productions Fanfilms, and charter member of the CB Club. In her free time, she enjoys taunting muggles, shopping for shoes, and kicking house-elves.
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