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July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida

The Black Brothers: A Brothers' Bond in a Time of War  
Serade Black & Tatiana422

Here we open the discussion of the brotherly bond between Sirius and Regulus before, during and after the War. Several theories of their relationship have surfaced and beyond that, what would Sirius's final thoughts of his brother have been were he alive long enough to find out?
From the cradle to the grave, a brotherly bond is unconditional. You're created in the same womb, from the same fiber and of the same blood. You grow up knowing only what you are taught, like language and religion, until you are exposed to the real world around you and discover how it clashes with your overall sense of belief.

Sirius was an outcast to his family; the Gryffindor in an all Slytherin household. Though elated that he wasn't like his family, did he believe this when he was eleven years old? Did he argue with the Sorting Hat at the time of its decision to whisper, “Please, not Gryffindor” and be disappointed with the ultimate result? We know the Sorting Hat chooses which house to place you in by your mind and your heart, but what was Sirius's position at such a young age?  Could his beliefs have swayed because he was sorted into Gryffindor and discovered that all the things his parents' had said about half-bloods and muggle-borns were untrue? Children are easily influenced.

Did Regulus ever live in the shadow of his brother at a young age, only to supersede Sirius in the Sorting and ultimately, his mother's eyes? This could have started the path to separation of the brother bond we discuss, factoring in minor details and how they unfolded the fate before them.
What were the boys like as young children prior to receiving their letters?  Were their lives enriched with readings of the Dark Arts, parties, piano lessons, and fashion to groom them into the Death Eaters of tomorrow? At what age, at Hogwarts, did they start seeing differently? What ultimate event switched Sirius off to his family and started the road down rebellion?

If Sirius had lived and he'd learned the truth about his brother, we wonder if he would be the one to hang a portrait of him in his house, rather than throw any memory of his family in the bin (leaving Kreacher to fetch it). So many questions to ask and so many views to consider. When did the road split between the Black Gryffindor and the Brave Slytherin?

Serade Black lives in Florida with her husband where she works for Delta Airlines and is the Marketing Director for the Sarasota Medieval Fair, where she is also a staged combat performer. She's currently working on finishing her degrees in Mass Communications and Film Production. This is her sixth symposium and is an avid Sirius/Hermione shipper. While at the cons with her best friend, Tatiana422, she cosplays Bellatrix and enjoys terrorizing mudbloods and drinking butterbeers. She's one of the directors for the Live Action Wizard Chessmatch and co-creator of the House of Black Productions Fan Films.

Tatiana422 currently lives in Sarasota, FL with her husband and daughter and works as an Administrator for a physical therapy clinic while going to school for Digital Design. She was introduced to the world of Harry Potter by her mother, shortly after the release of the fourth book and Infinitus will be her sixth HP conference. She cosplays Narcissa Malfoy and can be spotted with her sister and partner in crime, Serade Black (as Bellatrix) plotting evil deeds and sipping martinis. She is a co-director of the Live Action Wizard Chess Match, founding partner of House of Black Productions Fanfilms, and charter member of the CB Club. In her free time, she enjoys taunting muggles, shopping for shoes, and kicking house-elves.
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