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Find your Flock!

Find Your Flock Meet Up Schedule now Online - Click here to view

One of the terrific things about the Universal Studios Orlando complex is that there are so many amazing places available for Find Your Flock get-togethers customized for fangroups, websites, podcasts and any other type of group. Snapecast, FictionAlley and Mugglecast are already working with us to organize terrific meet-ups at Infinitus, and we'd love to help set one up for your group, too!

We have space available at the Royal Pacific Hotel before and after formal programming each day, as well as during lunchtimes on Friday and Saturday or during breakfast on Thursday or Sunday - but you can also arrange to Find Your Flock at a one of the restaurants or bars at Universal Orlando CityWalk or even inside the Park (although Park admission may be required for those groups). We can arrange meet-ups with or without meals, snacks or drinks, and with some exceptions Find Your Flock events can be structured so as to be open to those without full Infinitus registrations.

If you're interested in organizing to Meet Your Flock, follow these instructions:

1. Email Flock Coordinator Heidi at

2. Put FLOCK: [Insert Group Name] as the subject

3. In the body of the email put:
Your name as you want it to be listed on the Infinitus website; A contact email address that will be valid and that you can access through July 18, 2010 and a gtalk username if you have one.
Your group name, focus, theme, purpose or unifying feature (For example, Gleeks, Nerdfighters, People Who Are Heading to Comic Con After Infinitus, Twihards, C.S. Lewis fans, Mugglenet members, fans of the House of Black);
Your time and date preferences, in descending order: Link where you will be organizing/coordinating (if you do not already have one, feel free to make a post on the Infinitus LiveJournal community or in the Infinitus forums at hpef.net) (optional)
Anything else you'd like us to include in your entry.

We may edit for length, format and grammar/spelling.

We will get in touch with you within the week and start working with you to organize a terrific meet-up.

Please get in touch with us by May 15 if you want to be guaranteed inclusion in the program, and by June 15 if you want to be guaranteed inclusion on the website.

If you want to have a Find Your Flock event take place somewhere other than the Resorts at Universal Orlando, CityWalk or the Parks, we'll be posting information for how to have your event listed on the website and program in the spring.

Updated 6/19/10