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Cast of Organizers

Jenn Clack, Minister of Magic

Jenn is honored to serve at Minister of Magic for Infinitus. She is so proud of the Infini-tus staff and the brilliant job they’re doing. She, like the rest of the fandom, is eagerly waiting to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Especially since she’ll get to visit it with her HP fandom family. When she’s not begging Universal Studios for news on the park, Jenn is whisking her 4th grader away to activities and other fun things they find to do. She enjoys reading, scrapbooking, movies and art. Her facebook addiction is under control for now but will probably resurface after Infinitus.


Robin Martin, Formal Programming Chair

      Robin Martin is known in fandom as “Darcy Black” and has been a member of the

fandom group Hogwarts Common Room since 2004. She currently works as a techni-cal editor/writer and has worked as an Adjunct Instructor for Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi where she taught freshman-level Composition. Robin has a Masters de­gree in English and has presented at or volunteered for various conferences includ- ing Lumos, Phoenix Rising, Prophecy, and Portus. Her academic research interests outside of Rowling’s works include Palestinian-American culture and literacy theory. “Darcy” never grows tired of hugging the necks of all her HP friends at HPEF events and feels truly blessed to have her Harry Potter “family.” While Harry Potter fandom is her true home, she also thinks that Lost, Buffy, and Firefly are totally shiny. Lastly, as a Slytherin, Robin knew all along that Snape was really a love-sick hero.


Aziza Aba Butain, Public Relations Chair

Aziza is thrilled to be a part of Team Infinitus. After attending Lumos in 2006 as a PR elf, VIP escort, and Meet & Greeter, she was hooked on HP cons. She immediately joined Team Prophecy, Portus and Azkatraz as the Public Relations Chair. Over the last several years, she has felt privileged to have met so many wonderful people and made so many friends as a result of her volunteering. As Editor in Chief for the Newsletter, PR Chair, and HPEF Board Member, she is able to stay in touch with the fandom and share with them all of the exciting news about HPEF’s events. In her muggle life she works for a production studio in Los Angeles and lives with her family, Sarah, Bella, Mia & Gus.


Jodie Baird, Informal Programming Chair

Infinitus will be the fourth HPEF event Jodie has been involved with, previously serving as IP assistant chair at Prophecy, Head of the Ball at Portus, and IP co-chair at Azkatraz. She currently resides in Tallahassee, Florida, where she is frantically work- ing on her Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities. She loves being a part of HPEF, and feels she has gained so many wonderful friends and allies through volun- teering these last few years. Her favorite book is Prisoner of Azkaban, and her favorite character is Luna Lovegood. She considers herself a kooky, but bookish mix of Luna and Hermione.


Nicole Green, Vendor Chair

Nicole is a Pre-AP and Dual Credit English teacher in a High School in Houston, TX. She has an MA in Composition and Rhetoric from Texas A&M University-Corpus Chris­tiy. She has been reading Harry Potter since college, where she hid her enjoyment of the books from her roommate after definitively stating that she would “never read those Harry Potter books because they could never be as good as The Lord of the Rings.” Por­tus 2008 was the first conference she presented and volunteered for.


Christine Lacy, Volunteer Chair

Christine first found HPEF in 2005 when she stumbled upon that year’s symposium, “The Witch­ing Hour”. The diagnosis of cancer that year kept her from attending, but she never lost hope in attending one. She credits part of her survival of cancer to this hope and determination that this dream would be realized if she could just make through another day, another month, another year. In 2008 this wish came true when she attended Portus in Dallas! Not only did she attend, but she was the assistant to Decorations and was one of the official photographers for the event. It was so rewarding she knew she had to have more! As the Infinitus Volunteer Chair, she is ea­ger at the opportunity to help others find the chance to volunteer at Infinitus and help make this symposium an epic one in addition to reprising her role as an official photographer for Infinitus. She lives in North Texas with her husband, Paul, and in her spare time she enjoys photography, reading, watching/listening to GLEE (another obsession) and creating gift baskets!


Andrew Bates, A/V Chair

Andrew Bates is an ex-Event Technologies Specialist, Moody Cosplayer. He graduated from Uni­versity of Wisconsin – Madison with a degree in Percussion Performance and got a degree from Madison Media Institute for Recording Technology. After that he worked at the OMNI Hotel at CNN Center as an Event Technologies Specialist and Lead Tech. Andrew now cur- rently works at GM Voices Recording Studios. He is a founding member of the Order of the Dragon Harry Potter Cosplay group who will of course be at Infinitus. (Andrew will be the one with the Magic Eye and the limp). According to him working with the amazing people at Infinitus has been yet another HP fellowship that he is feel honored to be a part of. He will always cherish the friend­ships that I’ve made through Harry Potter. To him, that’s the best part about this fandom....how it brings everyone together with such a powerful bond. No matter whether you’re a Wizard, Witch, Muggle, Squib, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Raven- claw, Auror, Death Eater, Order Member, Veela, House Elf, Giant, or Hippogriff...this amaz- ing magical world makes us a fam­ily.


Lauren Johnson, Registration Co-Chair

Lauren Johnson’s interest in Harry Potter started after sneaking in to see a midnight showing of “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”. In less than a week after exiting the theater, she had immersed herself in as much Potter fandom as she could- from the books to websites, fan fiction to collectibles. Years later, with volunteer experience in the Muggle world as well as from Prophecy 2007 and Portus 2008, Lauren is very excited to be Co-Registration Chair for Infinitus 2010 with her Potter loving partner, Christina Gonzalez. Lauren and Christina happened to meet and fall in love during Portus 2008. They both currently reside just outside of the Fort Worth, TX area with their spunky cats, Oliver and Elliott. When not volunteering with HPEF events, Lauren is busy as the Chapter Chair for the North Texas Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. She is also the Supreme Leader as well as Recruitment Officer for the Evil Hufflepuff Army. Those interested in joining and feel their evilness applies, please contact Lauren at Reg­istration.


Libbie Bement, Logistics Chair

Libbie has been an active member of the Harry Potter fandom for the better part of eight years, a fact that still staggers her. From her first convention (Nimbus in 2003) to Infinitus in 2010, conventions have been a big part of that fandom life and she looks forward to each one like a kid waiting for Santa. Whether writing fanfiction, playing in RPGs, or walking her feet off for Security, she wouldn’t trade a second of her fandom life for anything. Hufflepuff to the core, she has the Badger B mascot in her cubicle at work and drives around with the license plate “MUG­GLBRN”...in other words, Libbie’s never kept her fandom a secret. Married to the same long-suffering man for 17 years, she is also the mother of two teenaged boys who think she’s this side of mental but haven’t started actively denying they know her...yet.


Christina Gonzalez, Registration Co-Chair

Like any good Ravenclaw, Christina is a serial student. She returned to the Lone Star State

in 2006 after spending six years in California for academic pursuits. One of such achievements she completed was earning a bachelor’s in Graphic Design at the Art Institute of California-San Francisco. This rounded out her academic experience with her degrees in Sociology she earned from Texas A&M University. This is Christina’s second Potter event, but she is certainly no strang­er to conference planning as she has helped coordinate many other events. A self-described “music junkie”, she is a graphic designer by day and one mean bookbinder by night. She shares an international Harry Potter book collection with her partner and Registration Co-Chair, Lauren Johnson. Together, they are the proud parents to two lazy, yet amusing, cats, and live just out­side of Fort Worth, Texas. She also has a dog, Lucy, but Lucy has wised up and decided to retire with Christina’s parents.


Heidi Tandy, NoaTW Chair & Meetup Coordinator

Heidi Tandy has, over the years, been involved with the Help_Haiti auction community, Fic­tionAlley, HPEF, the Organization for Transformative Works, the 2008 and 2009 Comic- Con Harry Potter panels and The Leaky Cauldron. In real life, she is an intellectual property at­torney in South Florida, the mother of three Harry Potter fans and a firm believer in the max­im “Fandom is my fandom.”


Kari Phillips, Conceptual Developer

As a Conceptual Developer for Infinitus 2010, Kari helped get the ball rolling for what is sure to be another unforgettable symposium. In her free time, Kari loves to watch movies, read romance novels, and read and write fan fiction. Her most recent obsessions include Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1, and Dollhouse. In real life Kari works at Miller Curtain Company, a local curtain manufacturer in San Antonio, Texas, and shares her home with her two cats, Buffy and Willow.


Michelle Gardner, Decorations Chair

Michelle K. Gardner (aka Enelya Oronar) lives on the World Wide Web. Michelle has a back­ground in management, but her passions are for all things online. She is able to explore her online interests by her enrollment in the Texts and Technology PhD program at the University of Central Florida. Primarily focusing on the tools of digital media and the WWW, Michelle’s current research focuses on the various ways in which people integrate media sharing websites such as YouTube or flickr into their daily conversations. As a wife, mother, full time employee and PhD student, Michelle is grateful the WWW is available 24/7!


Courtney Voorhees, Security Co-Chair

Courtney has been a huge fan of Harry Potter since her mom pestered her into watching the

first movie in 2002. She was immediately hooked and devoured the first four books in less than two weeks. Four years later she was ecstatic to attend her first HPEF symposium, Lumos 2006, where she was able to geek out with fellow fans and befriend people from around the world! She enjoyed the experience so much that she signed up to volunteer for the next two sympo­siums, Prophecy 2007 & Portus 2008 where she served on the Informal Programming commit­tees. She has switched gears a bit this year and is happily serving as Security Co-Chair for the greatly anticipated Infinitus 2010. She is currently working towards her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Oklahoma and wears her Sooner (and Gryffindor!) red with pride.


Mary Markovinovic, Web Chair

Mary (aka “marypao”) is the web chair for Infinitus 2010. A Harry Potter fan since the very be­ginning, this will be her first HP Symposium. She currently works as the Chief of Public Affairs and an adjunct professor at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies in Honolulu, HI. She has a teenage daughter, who will be accompanying her to Infinitus, and two cats - who have to stay home.


Emeline Walker, Security Co-Chair

Emeline Walker (a.k.a Shillelagh, a.k.a. EWalk) is back for more as a part of Team Infini-

tus! She is a hardcore Quidditch Beater and a pride member of the Slythindor House. She has volunteered for security since The Witching Hour. Emeline loves to volunteer and when not at HP Symposiums, she spends her time helping the church youth group. Currently, she is in school to be a middle school English teacher. She wants to bring the passion she feels for books and creativity to her classroom and hopes to inspire her students. In her free time, (haha) Eme­line is a staff member for The Harry Potter Alliance and heads up the Protego Earth Project. And she adds one more thing, Mud and Blood forever.


Sarah Price, Food and Beverage Chair

Sarah is excited about her third HPEF conference. This year she’ll be serving as the Food & Bev­erage Chair, making all of your Feast dreams come true. She considers herself to be a Gryffindor and wishes she had an owl in real life. Her favorite book is The Sorcerer’s Stone because that’s when the magic began for her. In her muggle life, she works as the office manager for a produc­tion studio in Los Angeles and lives with her family, Aziza, Bella, Mia & Gus.


Amanda Vanderford, Art Gallery Chair

Amanda, known as Miss Freewind online, is the eldest child in her very own Weasley-sized family. Using her Ravenclaw intellect, she is studying to become a microbiologist. Amanda enjoys volunteering in the multiple charities and organizations her sorority supports. She is one of the many young adults that grew up alongside Harry Potter and shows off her Harry Potter tattoos whenever she can. Amanda loves supporting Harry Potter conferences. She first volun­teered for HPEF in 2007 during Prophecy and has continued to do so at each of their subse­quent symposiums. She is excited to be the Art Gallery Chair at Infinitus and hopes to make Infinitus 2010 the best Harry Potter conference ever!


Jasmine Harrison, Editing and Publishing Chair

Jasmine is a graduate of the University of Houston with a degree in Print Journalism and minor in Creative Writing. This will be her third HPEF conference and saying she’s excited about In­finitus is an understatement. She is also thrilled to come on board as the Editing and Publishing chair and hopes her experience and education in journalism will help her in new position. Jas­mine got into Harry Potter one lonely day away at school when she switched on the television and came across a movie about an equally as lonely boy living in a cupboard under the stairs. The rest, as they say, is history. Jasmine is currently the lead organizer of the Houston Harry Pot­ter Meetup group. She’s been a member of the group for six years, and has met lifelong friends through her involvement.



Assistant Chairs

Amanda Burke, John-Paul Cummins, Tara Dunn, Leatrice Green, Mazel Jones, Cody Williams and Kimberly Wylie

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